Dear Mr. Dennis Wilberg:

It has been my pleasure to attend Mr. Larry Maurer's Timeless Melody courses for about two years, and have enjoyed them all. Following the Veteran's Day Ceremony, Larry had a special program to commemorate the occasion. I would like to express my thoughts about his special course and his other presentations.

After the program, I went to Larry and told him "Larry, you really out did yourself this time." The same sentiments were felt by the group of about 10 friends that attended with me. His program was most touching and heartfelt. He presented an over-view on the founding of America and how it struggled to conquer the unknown vastness of this land. What made the day so special is that I had expected just another musical presentation. However, he tied together both the music and the history of our nation. Many of us grew up during the depression era, and thus there was a connection to the greatness that became America; the struggles and wars it had to endure, and the help this great country has provided through out the world. I am a naturalized citizen coming to America from Austria in December, 1938. Many of the themes Larry presented were very meaningful to me, and once again reinforced to me the greatness of our nation.

It is my opinion that this and Larry's other courses should be available to everyone, so that they have a better understanding of the sacrifices put forth by America since it's inception. To this end, I truly hope that Mr. Maurer will continue his endeavors with Timeless Melodies for the benefit to all of us.

Sincerely Yours,

George Grosz

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