Larry Maurer:
President, Timeless Melodies
Foundation for Education, Inc.
Larry Maurer has a passion for the history of American music. Although Larry has worked in finance for over 30 years as a Certified Public Accountant and an accounting professor, his calling has always been to teach music history. He founded the Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education Inc. to present colorful, memorable, multi-media education programs about the Golden Age of American music to a wide variety of groups around the country.

Timeless Melodies’ unique programs, which can be tailored to a specific audience, are rich in pictures, video clips, humor, history and most of all, the music that Larry loves to share. Larry has delighted a variety of audiences, from school children to senior citizens, and from music industry groups to the general public. Concert pianist Thomas Macfarland says, “I absolutely enjoyed my experience performing with Larry Maurer; he is unsurpassed in his enthusiasm and vitality.” And psychologist Jane Drew says, “I left the Gershwin evening feeling fulfilled and happy to be alive. Hope you can bring this celebration of American people to many people.

Larry is married, he and his wife Dru live in Mission Viejo, California. He has been an instructor in the Santa Ana Unified School District in CA and an advisor to the Santa Ana Valley High School Business Academy

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